IMO Workshop Videos

Scientists, Inc.

Scientists, Inc. has been bringing people together through science since 2013. We are a US-based nonprofit with a mission to create unique connections between between people and science. We started creating this video series for the IMO workshop since it too is a unique connection between researchers from different backgrounds and the goal of understanding and treating cancer.

Videography, photography and production by: Parmvir Bahia and David Basanta

Creative direction and editing by: Parmvir Bahia


The Life Mathematic

You better not be acting like you're in a Wes Anderson movie at the IMO workshop this year. But what better way to represent a group of people working in a most unconventional way to explore new ways to treat cancer?


A Cellular War

In a world of biological conflict, a band of cancer-fighting heroes from unlikely backgrounds come together. But can they rise to the challenge of Tumor Board Evolution?


Math Eye for the Bioscis

Biologists are good people just trying to make their way through life and their research projects, but they’ve got a tendency to stick to their old ways. Enter the Fab Five with their modeling skills, clearing away those excess parameters, and creating a new culture, for the evolutionary makeover of a lifetime!


IMO’s Next Top Model

Under the gaze of the top modeller himself, five teams vie for the attention of Dr. Sandy Anderson and the judges at Moffitt Cancer Center. Their specific aims and dreams presented in the final showdown. Who will get sent home and who will emerge victorious as IMO’s Next Top Model? Join us to find out.


Hotel IMO

Take advantage of that honeymoon period with your fellow research collaborators at the annual IMO workshop. We offer friendly people, all mod cons, endless caffeine and sleepless nights, all expenses paid. Welcome and we hope you enjoy your stay!


Going under cover

Getting a handle on cancer feels like a mission impossible, but this year four teams chose to accept it. Our heroes worked in secret with their allies from neighboring disciplines. They were given a problem… they collaborated...they lost sleep...but only one team could become: The A-Team!


There is no "mi mi mi" in Team

The IMO workshop is an intense five days in very close quarters. But you don’t have five days, so this is the action condensed down into less than five minutes for you to experience. The cheeky soundtrack is a reminder that all work and no play makes for some very dull scientists.